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Shootout Record Smashed
In the face of tragedy, a big record fell in a big way.
Formula Adds Second Crossover Bowrider, the 330 CBR
Smaller model incorporates the best of the builder’s CBR design.
The Loss of Mike Fiore
Death of an industry icon slams the go-fast boat world.
Catalina Ski Race Sees Big Records Tumble
Todd Haig easily breaks his own record on the 62-mile course, but barely edges out Wayne Mawer of Australia.
Summer Blockbusters For Outerlimits
Three serious go-fast boats out the door so far—and it’s just August.
Revolver 44GT: Right on Target
The new Italian-designed 44-footer makes perfect sense.
Sterling Wrapping Up All-New Superboat-Class Engines
Designed from the ground up, these 750-hp engines are set to thrive in the updated Superboat class.
DCB Delivers First M35 With Mercury M8 “R” Drives
Subtle changes enhance the underwater profile of the drive and eliminate the need for blueprinting afterwards.
The Shootout and the Sheikh
Can Qatar’s turbine-powered cat top a liquid-mile speed record?
Go-Fast Boating Safety: Watch Out For Weekend Warriors
Go-fast boat safety means enhanced situational awareness at all times, but especially on summer weekends.


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A catamaran built with performance ...
Manitou 25 Legacy SHP: Pontoon Luxury and Performance
Just the right combination of ...
Kadey-Krogen Sells Its 600th Boat
With the latest 44 AE ...

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