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How To Fillet a Flounder: Instructional Video
Filleting a flounder is different from getting the fillet off of other fish. And here's a bonus recipe, too.
How to Tie a Trucker’s Hitch: Instructional Video
The Trucker's Hitch is a knot all boaters should know. Watch this video, to see how it's done.
How to Tie Bend Knots: Instructional Video
Bend knots are used for joining two lengths of line together. Learn how to tie two of them by watching this short video.
How to Tie a Bowline Knot: Instructional Video
Learn how to tie the quintessential boating knot, the bowline, in this helpful how-to video.
How To Tie Stopper Knots: Instructional Video
Watch this how-to video to learn how to tie four useful stopper knots.
How to do a Seasonal Trailer Inspection
Boat trailers require constant maintenance and attention. Follow this trailer inspection routine on a seasonal basis, to make sure yours keeps rolling down the road.
How to Basics: Using Your Fishfinder
Learn the basics of using your fishfinder, including fine-tuning, adjustments, and what to look for on-screen.
How to Choose the Best Spinning Rod
Need some assistance in figuring out how to choose the right spinning rod? This video should help.
How to Install Heat Shrink Terminals
Your boat's wiring is bound to be exposed to moist, if not wet, conditions. Make sure everything keeps working, by installing heat shrink terminals.
How to Select and Maintain Dock Lines
Learn how to set up your mooring lines so it's easy to tie your boat up, every time.


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