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Bronze, Aluminum, Salt Water: A Match Not Made in Heaven
Connecting two dissimilar metals under salt water is a good way to make a battery.
Their First Marlin
Brothers may share their blood, but they won’t share their billfish.
Got Bait? The Hunt for Flounder
It’s bait versus lures—and kids versus adults—in this first episode of an epic fishing show-down.
How To Fillet a Flounder: Instructional Video
Filleting a flounder is different from getting the fillet off of other fish. And here's a bonus recipe, too.
2014 Stamas 289 Tarpon: First Look Video
This classic builder has updated its 270 center console.
Everglades 243cc: Bob Dougherty’s Opus
Looking for the finest 24-foot fishing craft on the water? Here's a good place to kick off your search.
Sunglasses: How To Find the Perfect Pair
Sunglasses come in a dizzying array of styles, shapes, and lens colors. So how do you choose what’s best for you?
Alternative Fuels for Outboards: Video Review
Senior editor Lenny Rudow walks through the available choices in outboards that run on alternative energy in this video review.
How to Basics: Using Your Fishfinder
Learn the basics of using your fishfinder, including fine-tuning, adjustments, and what to look for on-screen.
How to Choose the Best Spinning Rod
Need some assistance in figuring out how to choose the right spinning rod? This video should help.


Boat Reviews 2013: All 204 of Them
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He-Said, She-Said: Sailing Versus Fishing
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New powerboats benefit from the latest boating technology and innovation.

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