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Got Bait? The Hunt for Flounder
It’s bait versus lures—and kids versus adults—in this first episode of an epic fishing show-down.
How To Fillet a Flounder: Instructional Video
Filleting a flounder is different from getting the fillet off of other fish. And here's a bonus recipe, too.
2014 Stamas 289 Tarpon: First Look Video
This classic builder has updated its 270 center console.
Everglades 243cc: Bob Dougherty’s Opus
Looking for the finest 24-foot fishing craft on the water? Here's a good place to kick off your search.
Sunglasses: How To Find the Perfect Pair
Sunglasses come in a dizzying array of styles, shapes, and lens colors. So how do you choose what’s best for you?
Alternative Fuels for Outboards: Video Review
Senior editor Lenny Rudow walks through the available choices in outboards that run on alternative energy in this video review.
How to Basics: Using Your Fishfinder
Learn the basics of using your fishfinder, including fine-tuning, adjustments, and what to look for on-screen.
How to Choose the Best Spinning Rod
Need some assistance in figuring out how to choose the right spinning rod? This video should help.
Pearl 75: First Look Video
The Pearl 75 utilizes pod drives, to free up space above and belowdecks.
2014 World Cat 295 DC: First Look Video
Get a gander at the newest powercat on the water, the World Cat 295 DC.


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He-Said, She-Said: Sailing Versus Fishing
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How to Tie a Spider Hitch
How to Tie a Spider Hitch - September 17th 2014