Glasstream 360 SCX: Go Fast Fishing

See what happens when you mix an offshore racing hull with center console practicality.

22nd August 2014.
By Gary Reich

If you watched any television in the 1980s, you likely remember seeing Miami Vice’s Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs chasing down drug kingpins in a Wellcraft Scarab 38 KV. You probably remember the Armani jackets, Ray Ban Wayfarers, and white loafers, too.

The Glasstream 360 SCX looks fast even when it's sitting still.

The Glasstream 360 SCX looks fast even when it’s sitting still.

So when I saw (and survived) a Miami Vice rerun on late-night television recently, it got me to wondering: if the Wellcraft wasn’t an option, what would Crockett and Tubbs’ boating weapon of choice be today? Well, it might very well be the flashy Glasstream 360 SCX, a boat with the convenient layout of a center console, and the speed and performance of a serious speed boat.

The Glasstream 360 SCX is built in Panama City, FL, inside a modern manufacturing facility that uses the latest in composite boatbuilding techniques. That means you won’t find a splinter of wood in any of Glasstream’s boats. The hull is hand-laid using multi-directional fabrics and is further strengthened with an integral foam-filled fiberglass stringer. Every Glasstream boat carries a 10-year hull warranty.

Design cues for the 360 SCX come from offshore racing boats. That means it has a knife-like entry and deep-vee hull with a whopping 24 degrees of transom deadrise, for starters. Add in a lightweight (7,100 pounds) hull with a two-step running surface, tip it with three 300-horsepower Mercury Verado four-stroke outboards, and you’ve got yourself a 75-mph boat. A 275-gallon fuel tank means the 360 SCX has the range to get out to the big ones, too.

The 360 SCX's cuddy offers more than reasonable accommodation for easy over-nighters or quick trips out to the canyons.

The 360 SCX’s cuddy offers more than reasonable accommodation for easy over-nighters or quick trips out to the canyons.

The forward 25 percent of the 360 SCX is dominated by a large cuddy. Just inside it to port you’ll find a small wet bar with sink, compact refrigerator (optional), and limited stowage. The aft starboard corner features an entertainment center that can be configured with all sorts of optional gadgets, including a flat-screen television, high-end satellite stereo, and DVD player. The V-berth converts to a full-size berth with a simple drop-in filler cushion and it is nicely ventilated and lighted by a large opening overhead hatch. The head on this boat is situated under the center-console unit behind a gas-assisted, upward-swinging access panel. That means you’ll have to leave the privacy of the cuddy if nature calls in the middle of the night.

The 360 SCX has a roomy and clean deck layout that is open enough for fishing maneuvers, but still has plenty of seating. Up forward are two upholstered benches that border either side of the cuddy’s companionway, while back aft is an L-shaped lounge with padded backrest. An additional seat is located on the front end of the center-console unit. Two heavily bolstered seats make up the leaning post setup behind the helm, which is supported by rugged, sturdy pipework.

Steering and engine control placement on the Glasstream 360 SCX is top-notch, but the dash lacks the expansive real estate some other boats in this class have.

Steering and engine control placement on the Glasstream 360 SCX is top-notch, but the dash lacks the expansive real estate that some other boats in this class have.

Speaking of the helm, I found it to be nicely laid out with perfect steering wheel and engine control placement. The engine gauges are situated at eye level, and are easy to read. That said, those of you wanting to install dual multifunction displays are out of luck; there’s only room for one. That’s primarily because of the engine instrumentation, but also because the whole dash is relatively narrow in size. It may not be a deal breaker for everyone, but it’s worth considering if fishing gizmos and gadgets are part of your game.

If you’ve ever gone faster than 70 mph on a boat, then you know that it’s enough to make you feel as if the skin is being peeled back from your face. Sure, that’s part of the fun, but I was hoping to see more of the glass protection many boats in this class have (think Everglades, Cobia, and Boston Whaler), that the 360 SCX doesn’t. There is a molded Plexiglas windshield, but it isn’t high enough and doesn’t provide nearly enough protection from the wind—especially at the 75 mph this boat is capable of. There are plenty of places to hold on, though, especially with the optional hardtop and its supporting pipework.

Rod stowage under both port and starboard gunwales is one of the many fishing-friendly features found on the 360 SCX.

Rod stowage under both port and starboard gunwales is one of the many fishing-friendly features found on the 360 SCX.

The 360 SCX may look like it’s all flash and no fishing, but you’d be wrong to think that. Hop aboard and you’ll find twin, aerated 30-gallon livewells, three big fish lockers with macerator plumbing, lots of rod stowage under the gunwales, deck-mounted rod holders, pop-up cleats, and low-profile forward railing.

I like the bolstering around the gunwale, too. It’s not just nice for overall comfort, but hook into a chunky yellowfin tuna and you’ll find out why it’s a thoughtful fishing feature, too. Transom access is limited, due to the expansive array of outboards back there, but there is a transom walk-through for boating bigger fish.

Length 36’0″
Beam 10’0″
Draft (hull) N/A
Deadrise 24 degrees
Displacement 7,100 lbs
Fuel capacity 275 gal.
Water capacity 45 gal.

Crockett and Tubbs likely wouldn’t make a big fuss about all the great fishing features on this boat, but they’d sure like the statement its performance and design make. If going fast and getting to the fish quicker than just about anyone else piques your interest, then the Glasstream 360 SCX is worth a look.

Other Choices: For other performance-oriented boats of this size, also consider the Jupiter 38, Everglades 355 T, or the Wellcraft 35 Scarab Offshore Sport.

See all listings for Glasstream 360 SCX boats.

For more information, visit Glasstream Powerboats.

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