Outboard Update from Suzuki Marine

No new motors this year, but there is plenty of news from Suzuki Marine including portables with power trim, a high-thrust model, and commemorative 50th anniversary motors.

12th April 2013.
By Charles Plueddeman

So far, the news coming from Suzuki Marine this year is limited to enhancements, updates, and a few sneak peeks at product coming down the road. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s hot and new.

suzuki df20a

Power tilt is now an option on the Suzuki Marine DF20A and DF15A outboards.

Power Tilt for DF15A and DF20A
Power tilt is now an option on the Suzuki DF15 and DF20, the first portables with batteryless EFI and the very efficient Suzuki Lean Burn engine management system. I was impressed with these light-weight motors when they debuted last season (New Fuel Injected Suzuki DF15A and DF20A Offer Easy Starting). The tilt button is located on the tiller handle of the outboard, or can be mounted remotely. Tilt is especially handy when these motors are used as auxiliary kickers on fishing boats.

High Thrust Option for DF60
Pontoon buyers will appreciate the added thrust offered by the optional “High Energy Rotation” lower unit now available with the 60-horsepower DF60AV model outboard. With a 2.42:1 gear ratio, the DF60AV can swing a 14-inch diameter propeller, adding lots of blade area to help move and back down heavier boats—especially when wind or current come into play. The standard DF60A has a 2.27:1 ratio and typically swings a 11.75-inch diameter prop. The DF60AV also features Suzuki’s three-cylinder, DOHC 12-valve powerhead and electronic fuel injection with Lean Burn, for a significant improvement in fuel economy.

Limited Edition 150 and 175 Outboards
Suzuki will offer a limited run of DF150 and DF175 outboard motors in white to note the 50th anniversary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in the United States. Suzuki imported its first motorcycles for the US market in 1963 and began importing its outboard motors in 1977. Suzuki had started outboard sales in Japan in 1965. The Suzuki DF150 and DF175 outboard models feature a 2867cc inline four-cylinder DOHC powerhead and multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection.

Coming Later in 2013
Mid-season updates planned by Suzuki include the addition of its Lean Burn engine management system to the DF150/175 powerhead, which should improve fuel economy. Suzuki will also offer these popular motors with Suzuki Precision Control (digital throttle and shift), although it’s not clear if that will be an option or standard equipment. Suzuki says it’s also working on a new 9.9 horsepower outboard based on the same 327cc twin-cylinder powerhead that debuted on the DF15/20 models. Like those motors, the new DF9.9B will feature battery-less electronic fuel injection.

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Charles Plueddeman

Charles Plueddeman is Boats.com's outboard, trailer, and PWC expert. He is a former editor at Boating Magazine and contributor to many national publications since 1986.

3 thoughts on “Outboard Update from Suzuki Marine

  1. Dear Charles.
    Do you have any idea, when arrive de SUZUKI 175 lean burn, to Europe.

    Best Regards;

  2. Thank you Lenny, I’m going wait for your reply. The fact is that I want to buy 2 engines SUZUKI DF175, and SUZUKI says that the improvement of consumption of petrol is about 14% to 20% less, in new technology lean burn, so, the question about the time that arrived this new engines to Europe.

    It is possible please let me now as soon as possible. Thanks to you and Charles.

    Best Regards;

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