Grady-White Freedom 192 Dual Console: Small, but Smart

The Freedom 192 is the smallest dual console runabout in the Grady-White line-up, but the design of this boat is just plain smart.

24th April 2013.
By Lenny Rudow

If you’re looking for the perfect runabout, one that gives you the freedom to do everything from fishing to watersports to lunch cruises, the dual console design is going to be of interest. And if you’re looking at a Grady-White, that dual console is even going to have the word “freedom” in its name. This line-up includes a lot of choices like the Grady-White Freedom 285 and the colossal Freedom 335 dual-console, but the smallest Freedom around, the 192, is also one of the best.

grady white freedom 192

What is on the agenda ? Fishing? A run to your favorite waterfront restaurant? Wakeboarding? Whatever your pleasure, a dual console like the 192 Freedom is a great do-it-all choice.

In fact, during a video shoot at Norfolk Marine, even though it was shoe-horned in between much larger, more expensive boats, a 192 caught me eye and drew me over. You can see why, in our Grady-White Freedom 192 Short Take Video.

Length 19’2″
Beam 8’0″
Max. Draft 1’2″
Deadrise Variable
Weight 2,475 lbs.
Fuel capacity 60 gal.

In a nutshell, the 192 is as well thought-out as its much bigger, more expensive brethren. The livewell seacock, for example, has an extension handle that runs up to the cockpit so you don’t have to monkey around in the bilge to open or close it. The livewell itself (an option) is as well-designed as those found on Grady-White’s oceanic predators. It has an overflow drain and a gasketed hatch that won’t let water slosh out, although it does have much less capacity than most at 13 gallons. And the optional passenger’s seat folds down to make a full-length sunpad.

Performance Data
Test conditions: winds 10 – 15 mph, 2 POB. Performance figures courtesy of Yamaha
1000 4.7 0.7 6.7
2000 7.7 2.1 3.7
3000 18.2 4.3 4.2
4000 29.6 7.1 4.2
5000 38.5 13.6 2.8
6000 46.9 19.4 2.4
Power Single Yamaha F200 outboard swinging a 14.25″ x 17″ three-bladed stainless-steel prop

The first time I ran a 19-foot Grady-White DC was many years ago when the model had a re-do, but rest assured—the hull remains the same Ray Hunt and Associates variable-degree deadrise design. As anyone who’s been on a Grady can attest, their hulls strike a great balance between smoothness of ride, stability, and dryness. What will really separate the 192 Freedom from other dual consoles this size, however, is its heft. With 2,475 pounds of displacement this boat out-weighs most of its competitors by 25-percent or more. Sure, extra weight can cut speed and efficiency, but it really helps smooth out the ride when the seas kick up. In a 19 foot runabout, that can mean the difference between pain and pleasure. Besides, the 192 is no slowpoke. Since its 2009 reintroduction it’s been rigged with 150 horses, cruised in the low 30′s, and topped-out just under 45-mph. But prior to 2004 it was tested with a Yamaha F200 four-stroke outboard. It cruised at 34.5 mph, and hit a top-end of 46.9. Now that Yamaha has a newer, lighter 200, Grady-White could make the bigger powerplant an option again (hint, hint). Either way you rig it, there’s no doubt that this is plenty of pep.

It’s surprising how, sometimes, the little boat in the crowd out-shines the big boys. Such is the case, with the Freedom 192. If you’re looking for a dual console and you prioritize smarts over size, this boat should be on your short list.

Watch our 90 second video tour of the Grady-White Freedom 192

For more information, visit Grady-White.



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