Mastercraft X-10 Tow Boat: Fast Video Tour

Brett Becker visited the Mastercraft booth at the Miami Boat Show and took a close look at this new model.

30th March 2013.
By Brett Becker

Hi, we’re in the Mastercraft booth at the 2013 Miami Boat Show. We’re looking at the X10, a brand new model for 2013 and I wanted to show you a couple of highlights.

First off is the board rack, which couldn’t be simpler. Pull it in, lock it in place, unlock your board. Putting your board back in place is just as easy.

With us today is Zane from Mastercraft and he’s going to show us how easy it is to operate the Mastercraft ZFT4 tower which is an option on this boat. Zane?

Zane: It’s really cool, you just grab these levers and pull them out, reach up, pull down the tower, and you’re done. You can put it in your boat house, dry stack it, go under a bridge, or anything like that. It’s great. And it’s really easy, lightweight, you can get it to push back in.


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