Carver 34: Quick Look at an Affordable Family Cruising Boat

Jeanne Craig takes us on a quick tour of a family-friendly boat that she says would be a nice step up from an express cruiser.

8th March 2013.
By Jeanne Craig

I’m standing aboard the Carver 34. It’s a brand new boat from the Wisconsin manufacturer. Two cabins, two private cabins, two gasoline inboards. Great boat for a family trading up from an express cruiser.

One of the nicest features on the 34 are the really nice wide side decks. If you’ve spent enough time passing through the windshield on an express cruiser, you’re really going to love this. It’s at least 12-13 inches wide. You get two feet side by side here.

So Carver priced this boat super-competitively, at just over $320,000. That’s with those twin gasoline inboards, that will take the boat to 33 mph. You get performance, you get two cabins, and you get this great bridge.

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About the author:

Jeanne Craig

Jeanne Craig has been covering powerboats since 1988. She spent ten years as a senior editor at Boating magazine and ten more as executive editor at Motor Boating. She’s now an independent writer based in Rowayton, Connecticut, where she’s close to the cruising grounds she most enjoys.

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