Cruisers Sport Series 258: Video Boat Review

The new Cruisers 258 is prime for wakeboarding and bowrider watersports.

22nd December 2012.
By Lenny Rudow

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It’s not often an established boatbuilder comes out with an entire new line of boats. But that’s just exactly what’s happening right now with Cruisers Yachts. The new line? Their Sport Series, and this is the 258. Let’s go take it for a ride.

The Cruisers Sport Series 258.

The Cruisers Sport Series 258.

Now for a boat of this size, the head compartment is pretty good and it has a pull-out shower and freshwater sink. But… the door doesn’t secure open. I’d like to see that changed.

Wow, it’s hot out here today.Fortunately, there are plenty of places for you to put your cold drinks on the 258. The big one is this Igloo right under the seat, which sits on a strut so you can access it really easily. There’s another cooler built in under this step… and another is built in under this seat right here.

If you’re into wakeboarding you have got to get this tow tower. Cruisers really built it strong. Just take a look at this hardware on the adjustable board rack, and the entire tower is really beefy. (Lenny does some pull-ups on the tower). It doesn’t seem to be moving, does it? Not even a little bit. They really built this thing tough. And, there’s plenty of room to stow all your other tow toys. Put whatever you like down here (forward stowage box in deck) and you also have this part (aft stowage in deck). Now, check this out (jumping into box). Look at how solid the bottom is. That’s because Cruisers balsa-cores that piece of fiberglass instead of just leaving a flimsy piece like some other builders might.

You’re ready for lunch on the hook? No problem, this table fits in both the bow and the stern cockpit. And when you’re done, you just remove it and put the table right inside the driver’s console, pull the pin, and the leg stows under this seat.

When you’re ready to get off the boat there’s a telescopic swim ladder right here in the stern, and, there’s another up here on the bow too, so you can access the beach easily when you beach the boat.

How about jamming some tunes while you’re wakeboarding? Well, there’s 208 Sony watts just ready and waiting. Speakers are on both sides of the boat both forward and aft, and they’ll hear you on the other side of the Atlantic when these (tower speakers) bad boys start pumping. There’s even a waterproof remote for the stereo, at the swim platform.

The 258 has a 22-degree deadrise, which is a pretty sharp V-hull for a bowrider like this. And you could feel it, coming through the waves. It also handles great in the turns. At 4000 rpm we cruised along in the mid 30′s, and at wide-open throttle, we pushed 50.

Interview with Gene Gooding, Cruisers Sales:

Lenny: You know Gene, I really like the way these sides come up, and catch you on the back.

Gene: The other thing that is important here is that it is deep, it’s safe for children, we have a safety feature here in the bow boarding ladder, we have the rear boarding ladder off to the side away from the propeller, and most importantly, there’s an automatic fire extinguisher should anything ever happen.

If you’re looking for a mid-sized bowrider, the Cruisers 258 is probably one you’re going to want to check out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little more testing of these seats I’d like to do.

For more information, visit Cruisers Yachts.

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