Buying a Boat: Advice from the Experts

Shopping for your next boat? Here are some articles that will help make buying easier and more enjoyable.

7th June 2012.
By Staff

Over the years we’ve built up quite an archive of information about buying a boat. Starting with “Used Boat Savvy,” Chris Caswell takes you through his Top Ten Tips for getting a great deal on a used boat. Then David Brown explains how to do a 10 Minute Walkaround that will help you quickly check over a new or used boat.

boat buying ready to buy

Here is some expert advice that will make buying any boat easier.

For a more personal view, surveyor Paul Grimes walks us through his seven step guide to boat buying, starting with a very important first question:  To Buy a Boat or Not to Buy a Boat

When you’re ready to buy, Lenny Rudow offers 3 Tips for Negotiating Boat Prices to help you get the best possible deal.

Over on, you’ll find the Top 10 Ways to be a Savvy Online Shopper and the Top 10 Ways to Create a Successful Boating Partnership. And Peter d’Anjou warns of a very specific problem with used boats: Foul Fuel.

There’s plenty more in our archives, and we invite you to search around for other tips from our experts that will help make your boat buying easier. Share your experience with us by commenting below, and good luck with your boat buying!

(And if you need to sell a boat, we’ve got lots of great tips in our Boat Seller’s Guide.)

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