Fishing Boat Videos: Going to Extremes

Think all fish boats are mild rather than wild? Think again.

26th August 2010.
By Lenny Rudow

You like life on the edge? You’re not alone—many anglers will push the limits of their boat to get to the fish, fill the cooler, and return to the dock as a highliner. It’s man versus nature, technology versus the sea, and guts versus brains all rolled into one. But some boaters push their boats even farther to the extreme. And you can watch ‘em do it.

The Fountain 38 TE center console is a real fishboat, not a raceboat in disguise.

Bass Boat Maniacs

Many boaters share a common recurring nightmare: you’re running your boat through the bay or river, the shoreline closes in tighter and tighter until the remaining strip of water is barely wide enough to float the boat, and soon you’re running it over dry land. You wonder how the boat keeps going, and how much damage you’re doing to it. Well, the guys on this bass boat live this dream in real life.

Check it out as they run through a marshy creek until it disappears in wads of tall grass—and they keep the pedal to the metal. They don’t slow down for the beaver dam, the branches, or even dry land. When the boat finally does stop you hear the captain say “I keep hitting stuff,” (duh…) then a second later he firewalls the throttle again. If these guys are so desperate to get to their hidden hotspot, the next time they ought to bring a hovercraft.

The Need for Speed

Few fishing boats are so extreme they merit a world record, but leave it to Reggie Fountain to design and build one that meets this bar. The Fountain 38 TE center console is a furiously fast 11,000 pound fishboat that runs on 1,200 horsepower, supplied by quad Mercury Optimax outboards.

Yes this is a real fishboat, not a raceboat in disguise. They set this world record kilo run of 87.6-mph while hauling a T-top, livewell, fishboxes, and a full complement of rodholders—though you will notice the outriggers are missing. Sure, you’ll have to listen to the “our-boats-are-best” spiels from company reps and Reggie himself, but it’s a short wait for the exciting part. The world record was sanctioned by the American Poker Run Association, and you can watch it being set.

View the Need for Speed

Bering Sea Bad Boys

The ultimate in extreme fishing boats? It’s no contest. The Deadliest Catch crews have proven time and again that they’ll push their boats to the limit and beyond—way beyond. See the best of the biggest seas as they smash into the Time Bandit.

Cameras get drenched in spray with the force of a fire hose. A fisherman gets washed off of his feet and onto the culling table. And you’ll see a one to two foot chop inside the boat, after a massive roller engulfs the deck. Extreme? Yeah, that’s the word.

View Bering Sea Bad Boys

Extreme Fish Boat Bonus Video

A home-made Franken-boat equipped with a remote-controlled fishing rod hook a rainbow trout, drag it across the lake, and crank the hapless fish into the air. Yes this one is extreme—extremely weird.

View Extreme Fishing Bonus Video

Editor’s Note: This is the third story in our “Going to Extremes” series. Stay tuned for “Going to Extremes: High Performance Powerboats”
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