Moomba Outback V is Less, and Yet More

Moomba Outback V tow boat gets you out on the water for less than you might think.

17th February 2009.
By Brett Becker

The 20-foot Outback V running fast.

The 20-foot Outback V running fast.

You needn’t read the Wall Street Journal to know what kind of shape the economy is in. The news is rarely good, which is all the more reason to seek genuine value in the big-ticket items you purchase.

There is perhaps no tow-boat manufacturer better at offering more boat for less money than Moomba, and in keeping with the economic times, the company has offered up a new model for 2009 that fits the bill, the Outback V.

A pair of Moomba Outback Vs in wait mode.

A pair of Moomba Outback Vs in wait mode.

Compared with the model it replaces, the new Outback V still measures less than 20 feet long-perfect for those small ski lakes tucked away in your area. Yet it’s a bit wider, with higher gunwales and a deeper cockpit. Moomba retained its signature drop-V keel design, which aids in tracking and helps it cut through waves and chop on larger lakes. What’s more, a new stringer design improves structural rigidity for a more solid feel.

The new model measures 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, draws 27 inches of water and weighs just 4,050 pounds on its standard trailer. That means you can tow it with darn near anything. It seats up to 12 people and carries 40 gallons of fuel. The standard engine is a fuel-injected 5.7-liter 325-horsepower Indmar Assault. There are also 340- and 409-horsepower engine options for the truly power hungry; all engines come with a four-year transferable warranty.

The Rise-R helm seat adjusts to body type for good visibility.

The Rise-R helm seat adjusts to body type for good visibility.

Some cool new features are the Rise-R seat, which raises and lowers to accommodate drivers of differing heights. That means dad won’t tower above the windshield and mom will be able to see over the bow just fine. The redesigned interior was inspired by American sports cars, and the deck design stems from BMW roadsters. Some other nifty features include new stainless-steel grab rails throughout the interior, vinyl-wrapped speaker grilles, and an optional towing tower that folds down to a height that lets the boat fit in most garages.

In standard trim, the new Outback V is pretty well equipped, but a few optional features can turn it into something special. For starters, the tower and ballast system are a must for serious wakeboarders. For families with skiers and wakeboarders, the multisport wake plate will come in handy as will the Perfect Pass speed-control system.

Base price for the new Outback V is $34,995, which includes a trailer. No matter how you add it up, it’s tough to beat the value of a Moomba, which is something we all can relate to these days. For more information, call 865-983-9924 or visit Moomba.

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