Centurion Enzo SD 220 Review

Centurion Enzo SD220: One look is all it takes.

17th July 2008.
By Brett Becker

Centurion's Enzo SD220 is a solid direct-drive performer that lends itself to great skiing.

Centurion’s Enzo SD220 is a solid direct-drive performer that lends itself to great skiing.

Sometimes—believe it or not—people buy boats based on good looks alone. Sure, they might not like the placement of the throttle or wish the glove box were larger or that its door would stay open on its own, but each time they go inside to pay for their fillup, they can never resist the urge to look over their shoulder at their boat. And they always wash it themselves so they can caress it hullsides with a bubbly wash mitt.

Well, the Centurion Enzo SD220 has all that going for it. From its sculpted bow section to its swoopy surface break and stainless mesh grill work just forward of the transom, the Enzo makes you want to polish your, I mean, it. Yes, it, makes you want to polish it.

But the Enzo is more than just good looks. It’s a solid direct-drive performer that lends itself to great skiing. If you have kids that are into wakeboarding, you also can get the Switchblade wake enhancement system, an underwater foil that pulls the aft end of the hull downward as the boat moves forward and a simple yet trick-looking tow tower.

For its base price of $55,995 you get a 330-hp Black Scorpion from MerCruiser, a color matched trailer with a swing-away tongue, which can mean the difference between getting it into your garage, and an extra $100 a month to store it in a covered facility. Or covered in guano, potentially. Other nice standard features include billet hardware, an adjustable wakeplate and a tunable rudder to add or remove prop torque from the steering wheel.

For that added custom touch—although the boat doesn’t look as though it needs them—you can get the requisite psycho upgrades to the stereo and speakers, an iPod or MP3 connectivity, swivel board racks and bow and cockpit covers. Make mine red.

For more information, call 209-384-0255 or visit www.centurionboats.com.

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Brett Becker is a freelance writer and photographer who has covered the marine industry for 15 years. In addition to covering the ski boat and runabout markets for Boats.com, he regularly writes and shoots for BoatTrader.com. Based in Ventura, Calif., Becker holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in mass communication from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

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