Nautor’s New Generation Of Swans

Famed Finnish builder makes sweeping changes in its offerings.

May 20th 2004
The new Swan 75D

The new Swan 75D

With over 37 years of experience and a global reputation as a yacht manufacturer of outstanding quality and performance, Nautor’s Swan is moving into a new era with a new and improved range of models. Since the company’s foundation in Finland by Pekka Koskenkylä in 1966, Nautor has built over 1,800 yachts ranging from 36 to 112 feet ? nearly 100% of these yachts are still on the water today.

The conception of the company was based on Koskenkylä’s plan to build the first 10-metre yacht using a fibreglass mould. His concept was to produce a design capable of both cruising and racing, which is a philosophy that stays with Nautor today. Series production was considered key to the success of the venture with precise, logistical organisation paramount at an early stage. Sparkman & Stephens initiated the enterprise and the first design, the Swan 36, was born proving to be an instant winner. The success of the Swan 36 was quickly repeated with a 43-foot design, which marked the real beginning of ‘Nautor’ and laid the foundations for many models to come.

Today the ethos stays the same, but the models have evolved. The Nautor’s Swan range has been revised and modernised, including both new and existing models, ensuring the company remains active and open to the changes within the sailing world. New models such as the Swan 100, Swan 75 and Swan 601 are providing the new face of Nautor, while successful models of the existing range such as the Swan 56 and Swan 62, have been updated using the highest level of technology and resources.

Nautor’s Swan New Model Range:

  • Swan 45
  • Swan 461
  • Swan 48
  • Swan 52
  • Swan 56
  • Swan 601
  • Swan 62
  • Swan 68
  • Swan 70
  • Swan 75
  • Swan 82
  • Swan 100
  • Swan 112
Swan 82S

Swan 82S

Within the above range, Nautor has created a new performance segment incorporating the Swan 45 and the recently launched Swan 601. Since the launch of the Swan 45 in September 2001, this new generation of Swan has spearheaded the way forward for Nautor’s one -design class racing. Due to the enormous success of this model across the world, a bigger project has been put into place with the birth of the Swan 601, fresh with a new one-design class. As with the Swan 45, the design brief remains the same; to create a yacht for one design class racing that at the same time will be competitive under handicap around the world and can, of course, be completely unmistakable as a true Swan. With these two high performance models, Nautor has attracted a new level of clients, establishing the company as a pro-active and credible brand on the racing circuit.

Swan 601

Swan 601

Acknowledging the needs of all owners, Nautor has also extensively developed the range of models available to those who are dedicated to cruising. Although racing remains a very important part of Nautor’s overall strategy, it is the cruising models that reflect the foundations and traditions that have made the Nautor brand what it is today. It is a fact that most of Swan owners use their yachts primarily for cruising and with this in mind, Nautor has committed significant investment into a new and improved cruising orientated range.

This phase of Nautor’s overall strategy truly started with the launch of the Swan 62, Swan 82 and Swan 75, a model that has taken a modern and innovative approach to cruising providing the ultimate in luxury and style. This phase has now taken a step forward with the launch of two new models, the Swan 461 and Swan 52, both adding a new dimension to the face of Swan cruising, whilst maintaining the core values associated with every Swan built. The Swan 461 represents a key milestone for Nautor, taking the entry-level position within the overall SwanLine and providing a truly bluewater model that is uncompromised in its style, its outstanding interiors and its ability to provide the definitive cruising experience. The Swan 52, currently still on the drawing board, will mirror the same qualities whilst also providing the perfect solution for those owners looking for a mid-range cruising orientated Swan.

Swan 100F

Swan 100F

All other models within the range remain, classical, traditional Swans, instantly recognisable in every marina or port across the world. Whilst carrying these values at the heart of each yacht built, Nautor recognise the differing needs of their owners. With this in mind three versions are available on a selection of the models: ‘Flush Deck’ (FD) version, ‘Raised Saloon’ (RS) version and ‘Semi’ (S) version. Each version adheres to the different requirements owners may have relating to interior space distribution, with the Raised Saloon version maximising the yacht for cruising, without compromising on the performance expected of every Swan, and the FD and S versions, allowing for further flexibility in the deck layout.

The following models are available in different versions:

Swan 62 (RS & FD) Swan 82 (RS & FD & S)
Swan 75 (RS & FD) Swan 100 (RS & FD & S)

The new model range ensures Nautor retains its position as market leader within the quality yacht manufacturer industry and continues to ‘follow’ the true Spirit of Swan, by retaining the craftsmanship and beauty that has become the company’s hallmark. Since the acquisition of Nautor in 1998, by a group of investors led by Leonardo Ferragamo, there have been some significant investments allowing for the growth of the yacht portfolio. One of the most important investments has been the construction of the new facility based in Nautor’s motherland, Finland, off the coast of Pietarsaari. Together with the original yard, the new facility has increased the production capacity for the company, taking on the manufacture of the ‘super yachts’, such as the Swan 100 and Swan 112, as well as the production line for the Swan 45. The facility boasts an impressive private harbour that can house the full Swan range, making Nautor Finland unique in the service it can offer to its owners.

The layout of Nautor’s facilities are designed specifically with the build systems in mind, allowing for every detail of the process to be undertaken with the best technology available and with the utmost efficiency. Customisation is offered to each owner when designing and building their yacht, with members of the Nautor technical and production team offering their wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure the owners requirements are achieved both technically and aesthetically whilst maintaining the values of Nautor. Swan owners are able to feel part of each stage in the build process from design to launch.

Whilst providing this full service to each owner, Nautor is constantly evaluating the processes and technology used in production to ensure improvement occurs every day. With the motto “A little better” at the core of every working practice, Nautor is able to develop the range continuously as new lessons are learnt with every yacht built.

Central to Nautor’s revitalisation of the range has been the vision and talent of the design team, led by world-respected designer, German Frers. Frers has been designing Swans since 1979 with his first model, the Swan 51, achieving top racer of the year. Many successful models have been created since, each one strengthening Nautor’s values of performance, quality and showing the classic lines that have become Swan’s trademark. It is on this foundation that Nautor is proud to continue its relationship with Frers for the future.

In a difficult global market, Nautor continues to stay strong with a well-established reputation and the production of the new and revised range. Firstly on the drawing board, then at launch and finally after close analysis by Nautor’s experienced experts, Swan’s are considered the ultimate ocean-going, performance yacht of unrivalled build quality. Over the last 37 years Nautor has devoted considerable time and investment to research better ways of building these yachts and today’s Swans combine the classic attributes, which made their predecessors so admired, with modern technology and dynamic designs.