Daysailers: Forward into the Past!

New daysailers revive past traditions

15th October 2004.
By David McCreary

A recent industry survey of sailors showed that the average age of active sailors and sailboat owners is getting older. The impact of this on the industry is a double-edged sword: more expensive boats are being bought by sailors who have great disposable incomes, but the long term prospects for growth in the industry aren’t very rosy.

The increasing age of sailors and their nostalgia for childhood sailing has to be one of the major factors in what has become a bit of a cottage industry within sailing: the increasing numbers of elegant daysailors with classic lines. The price tags bear little resemblance to daysailors in the half century, however, but for those who have forsaken their big cruising yachts or who have plenty of money to spend on messing-about-in-boats daysailor to add to their fleet, there are some stunningly beautiful models in the market, as was in evidence at the recent US Sailboat Show in Annapolis.

Four models were brand new, making their debut at the show: the Hinckley 42, M36, Dubloon 36 and Tofinou 23.

Hinckley DS42

Hinckley DS42

Hinckley DS42

This latest from the famed marque is the largest of the four new daysailors d’elegance. The overhangs total thirteen feet! Carbon fiber spars have been painted to a wood-look finish that looks reasonably good (I didn’t like the wood-rings swirl at the back of the boom, that was a giveaway). While the hull gives the impression of an old Herreshoff, there’s nothing old fashioned in the construction, which is the same as used in Hinckley’s Sou’Wester line: kevlar and carbon fused by the patented SCRIMP vacuum process. The hydraulic keel depth ranges from 4′ to 7′. Add North 3DL molded sails and this boat truly combines classic looks with state of the art modern sailing.

The cockpit is enormous, enough to easily accomdate 6-8 persons, and includes a comfortable helm seat for single-handed sailing.


LOA 42′ 3″
LWL 29′ 3″
Beam 10′ 6″
Draft 4′ to 7′
Displacement 14,000 lbs.
Mast Height 62′ above waterline
Sail Area 730 sq. ft.




The M36 is a 36 foot daysailer designed by Sparkman & Stephens for Morris Yachts that mixes classic looks and performance. The boat is uniquely designed to be simple to handle, making it easy to go out for just an hour by yourself, yet big enough to accommodate family and friends for the day.

A timeless sheer and long graceful overhangs give the M36 a distinct look that turns heads. Its traditional appearance may be highlighted with teak decks and perfectly varnished trim. This is not a production boat; it is a yacht quality masterpiece.

Below the water, the M36 is not so traditional. The hull and appendages are designed and built for fast and nimble performance. The keel has a high aspect ratio fin and a bulb for maximum stability and minimum drag. Carbon spars and a carbon spade rudder provide further performance advantages.


LOA 36′ 3″
LWL 25′ 0″
Beam 10′ 1″
Draft, Standard 6′ 6″
Draft, Shoal 5′ 3″
Displacement 7,700 lbs.
Ballast 3,750 lbs.
Sail Area 599 sq. ft.
Sail Area / Displacment Ratio 24.6
Displacement / Length Ratio 220
Construction Cored Vinylester Composite

Dubloon 36

Dubloon 36

Dubloon 36

This classic sloop is built in Thailand by Concordia Yachting Limited and had a unique design constraint: it had to fit into a 40′ shipping container. Construction is considerably more tradtional that the DS42 or M36; lots of wood inside and a full teak deck are featured.


LOA 36′ 1″
LWL 26.24′
Beam 7′ 8″
Draft 4.9′ or 5.8′
Displacement 12965 lbs
Ballast 2721 kgs
Engine 1 x 24HP Yanmar sail drive (or 24 HP Mitsubishi)
Fuel 21 gals
Water 53 gals

Tofinou 23

Only one Tofinou, built in the 1930′s, existed until 1981. The hull of the initial boat was used to create tooling for the Tofinou of today. It was then restored and still sails it’s native waters having enabled a perfect marriage between the past and present.

The Tofinou 23 is entirely hand built out of laminated fiberglass. Stringers, foot braces, cockpit coaming and tiller are in varnished mahogany; the deck is a sandwich construction covered with battens of teak. The centerboard case is moulded with the hull ensuring perfect water tightness. The centerboard is made of galvanized steel plate, the ballast of lead. Transport by trailer.

Philippe Joubert is keen to maintain the refined style of the original boat and applies meticulous care to all the details, many of which are ingenious (reefing pennants, tiller blocker, lazy jack). The Tofinou is fitted with an inboard motor, soundproofed by a box which also serves as the cockpit table; Joubert believes that the safety provided by a motor is important for one’s peace of mind when going out to sea on family outings.

The boat is distributed by R. B. Rodgers Yacht Sales.


LOA 23
Beam 7′ 4″
Draft 1′ 6″ / 3′ 6″
Mast 32′ 5″
Ballast 836 lbs.
Displacement 2860 lbs.
Engine Yanmar diesel 9 hp

Hinckley Yachts
P.O. Box 699
130 Shore Road
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
Telephone: 207-244-5531
Fax: 207-244-9833

Morris Yachts
Grandville Road
Bass Harbor, ME 04653
Telephone: 207-244-5509

Concordia Yachting Limited
Telephone: 66 38 967 611, 612 [In Thailand 038 967 611,612]
Fax: 66 38 967 613 [In Thailand 038 967 613]
Mobile phone: 66 1853 1719

R. B. Rodgers Yacht Sales
PO Box 9204
Noank, Connecticut 06340
Telephone: 860-536-7776
Fax: 860-572-1233

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