Swan 70: Supersonic Swan

Nautor Swan 70, the 45's big sister

6th November 2003.
By David McCreary

img3319A quick look at the nautors-swan.com website shows the new Swan 70 in a neat procession of boats, sandwiched nicely between the 68 and 77-footers. With just two feet separating the 68 and 70, one would initially assume that the 70 is intended to replace, perhaps upgrade the venerable 68 (launched in 1991). You’d be a bit off. The 70 is far more closely related to the new 45 than any other model that Swan has ever built.

img3318Swan’s new Italian ownership took a bold step in introducing the 45, which is essentially a racing hull with the signature Swan interior and attention to finish and detail. The 70 takes Swan farther down the path of high performance cruising with full-on race capabilities. Racing at Cowes Week this summer hull #2, ‘Serano’, (re-named Volvo For Life for the event), held its own with Farr 52s and Peter Morton’s Mills 50 ‘Mandrake’, taking 4th overall in IRC 0. That the 70 can pull this off and still have an interior fit for a king is remarkable. No one is going to willingly spend nights below in the spartan interior of a Farr 52, whereas I’d be perfectly content to spend a few years aboard the Swan 70.

img3317The hull is built using using glass/aramid hybrid fibre reinforced vinylester laminate with carbon fiber reinforcements. A high proportion of the fibers are unidirectional in order to grant the hull superior strength and exceptional fatigue properties. Structural bulkheads are of Nomex honeycomb cored carbon fiber epoxy pre-preg construction and laminated to hull and deck. Stiffener flanges are unidirectional carbon lay-ups.

img3315Swans have traditionally been regarded as extremely well built, comfortable, and an excellent value, not so much in that they are competitively priced (they’re not) but that they command excellent resale prices — in some instances more than the original price of the boat. Tradition also regarded them as cruisers first, racers second — and the latter really only at Swan-specific events, utilizing the Swan rating rule promulgated by the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s rating office. And, well, to be blunt, slow. Built for comfort, not for speed. No more. One could seriously argue that the 70 and 45 are racers first and cruisers second (and a distance second at that). The thinner waterline beams do make a sacrifice of some interior space inevitable, but the new management of Swan believes that there are buyers will consider that a small price to pay for extraordinary performance.

In that respect they are poaching a bit on turf that was dominated by Wally Yachts. That influence is also evident in the deck layout of the 70: not quite to Wally extremes of completely invisible control lines, but awfully close. Designer German Frers divides his time between his native Argentina and Italy; the influence on Italian design houses on his thinking and this new Swan is clear.

The sailplan is simple, with masthead rigging, swept spreaders, and a 110 percent jib on a carbon spar and boom. No less than six different interior layout options are available. The aft cabin has its own companionway, with a connecting passageway linking the aft cabin with the salon.

Prospective buyers need not wait in line for production, Serano is now for sale, brokerage through Swan Yachts UK. The boat is currently in the South of England, contact Tim Quinlan at tquinlan@swanyachts.co.uk.


Length overall 70.04 ft 21.35 m
Length of waterline 61.68 ft 18.80 m
Beam 17.81 ft 5.43 m
Draught (light) 11.29 ft 3.44 m
Draught (loaded) 11.55 ft 3.52 m
Ballast 23,920 lbs 10,850 kg
Displacement (light) 66,100 lbs 30,000 kg
Displacement (loaded) 76,700 lbs 34,800 Kg
Fuel: 211 US gal 800 ltr
Water: 243 US gal 920 ltr
Hot water 15.8 US gal 60ltr
DC Power 24 V 720 Ah
AC Power 9.4 kVA 230 V 50 Hz
Shore Power 11.5 kVA 230 V 50 A
Engine – Cummins 130 HP 97 kW

Rig and Sail Dimensions

I 96.29 ft 29.35 m
J 26.38 ft 8.04 m
P 87.79 ft 26.76 m
E 29.53 ft 9.00 m

Sail areas

Fore triangle 1270 sq ft 118.0 m2
Mainsail area 1296 sq ft 120.4 m2
110% jib 1397 sq ft 129.8 m2
Asymmetric Spinnaker 4572 sq ft 425 m2

CE Category: A Ocean

See www.nautorgroup.com for a complete list of sales offices, brokerage the complete Swan line.

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