Jongert 3200M: High Style Meets High Tech

Jongert 3200M High Performance Cruising Sloop

25th April 2002.
By Staff

img9460The Jongert 3200M Tony Castro Design with cutter rig is the first of a new series of performance oriented cruising yachts. Styled with a modern superstructure, it is intended to respond to contemporary tendencies and the more daring exterior designs seen these days.

Part of the enhanced performance stems from a rigorous weight control program during construction. Each individual component is subjected to careful analysis to ensure that its weight has been reduced to a minimum without impairing the safety or integrity of the yachts. Every opportunity is taken to make lightening holes in the all aluminium structure, while still keeping within Classification Societies’ requirements. The yachts continue to be built to Lloyds specifications and still embody all the details and refinements for which Jongerts have become renowned, including effective insulation against noise and vibration.

Further enhancement comes from the fitting of the patented Jongert folding keel, which with a fully extended draught of 5.50m provides a very high righting moment, while allowing anchoring and mooring in shallow water, when retracted to its minimum of 2.25m.

The boat carries a hydraulic operated retractable rudder blade which allows a reasonably deep aspect ratio blade that reduces in depth to match the keel in its up position.

The hull has a quite low prismatic co-efficient, firstly to help speed in light winds, which cruising yachts need most and secondly to accommodate a deeper engine room under the saloon. The lines aft are very straight for a clean stern wave and moderately fine forward, with a slight Vee to reduce slamming.

The deck is kept as clear as possible of fittings and visible deck gear. Winches are captive, except for two large gennaker winches aft, which are also very useful when berthing stern-to in marinas.

There are twin steering positions with all necessary controls to hand and large instrument read-outs, allowing a clear passage along the centre of the yacht to the stern.

The Jongert 3200M features a new solution for the shrouds attachments to the hull structure, which avoids the large bottles screws being seen above deck. Backstay hydraulic rams are also integrated inside the hull for cleaner exterior aesthetics.

The anchor handling system, the result of extensive testing with full-sized mock-ups, is also designed to preserve the lines of the deck and the bow profile. In use, the two anchors emerge from pockets in the topsides, normally concealed by hydraulically operated doors, which close flush with the hull surface.

A large transom door gives access to the spacious stern garage and the yacht’s tender. Alongside this is the extending gangway, hydraulically operated either by switch or GSM, providing a safe and easy passage from the yacht to the shore.

The interior was developed by the Jongert Design Office and is finished in pear wood with clear modern lines and many interesting features

The general layout follows that used in most modern yachts. The space is divided into three separate areas, ensuring maximum privacy for the owner and guests. The main saloon runs the full width of the yacht amidships and is the ideal place for socialising. It is easily served from the galley, which, along with the crews’ dinette and cabins, occupies the fore part of the ship, with separate access to the deck. The area aft of the saloon is reserved for the owner and guests.

Behind the deckhead linings, the insulated floors and the beautifully finished woodwork still lies good, traditional Jongert engineering, with its obsession with the quality of the design and performance of all systems and machinery. A comprehensive digital alarm and monitoring system, with ten LCD screens, continuously supplies up to date information on all the yacht’s functions to both outside steering positions, the wheel house, the engine room, the owner’s cabin and the crews’ dinette.

It is this policy of continuous development and meticulous attention to detail, which is largely responsible for Jongert’s enviable reputation for well-built, easily maintained yachts.


Length Overall 32.50 m 106’6”
Length Over Deck 30.30 m 99’4”
Length Waterline 29.00 m 95’2”
Beam 7.40 m 24’3”
Draft (folding keel) 2.25 m – 5.50 m 7’4” – 18′

Sail Areas

Main Sail 260 sqm
Genoa 365 sqm
Staysail 107 sqm
MPS 817 sqm
Shipyard Jongert B.V., Medemblik
Delivery Summer 2002
Naval Architect Tony Castro
Interior Design Jongert Design Team
Speed 13 kn
Range Approx. 2000 nm at 10 kn
Fuel 9600 l
Fresh water tank 3500 l
Grey waste tank 1650 l
Black waste tank 1650 l
Bow thruster 50 kW
Stern thruster 35 kW
Hull Aluminum
Superstructure Aluminum
Displacement 131 ton 50 % condition
Main Engine 500 hp / 368 kW
Generator 2 x 33 kW Kohler

Cabins / berths

owner 1 cabin / 2 berths
guests 2 cabins / 4 berths
crew 2 cabins / 4 berths

Jongert B.V.
Industrieweg 6
NL-1671 EW Medemblik
Tel. +31-227-542544
Fax +31-227-541246
Contact: Rick van der Ree

Jongert International S.A.M
17, Boulevard Albert 1er
MC-98000 Monaco
Tel. +377-93 50 25 86
Fax: +377-93 25 36 56
Contact: Herbert Dahm

Jongert Communication Centre B.V.
Bendemannstrasse 9
D-40210 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49-211-3555666
Fax: +49-211-3555667
Contact: Sylke auf dem Graben

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