Mercury Marine Rhino Rider and Rhino Rib II

Mercury Marine's Rhino Rider and Rhino RIB II are two tough inflatables

20th December 2001.
By Staff

The Mercury Marine Rhino Rider (shown here) and Rhino RIB II are two of the toughest inflables on the market.

The Mercury Marine Rhino Rider (shown here) and Rhino RIB II are two of the toughest inflables on the market.

From megayacht tenders to diminutive fishing boats, inflatables continue to be the day-to-day workhorses of the powerboat world. Credit their versatility, portability, affordability and — perhaps above all — durability. Today’s premium inflatables are flat-out tough.

Mercury Marine takes inflatable toughness to a higher level with its Rhino Series. Both models in the Rhino line are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of beaching on rocks and sand.

The Rhino Rider features center-console seating and an integral inflatable collar. The center-console seating area closely resembles that of a personal watercraft, as does the inflatable’s handling ability.

The Rhino RIB II boasts a rigid hull, yet it has the added buoyancy of an inflatable tube on its perimeter. This also makes it ideal for use as a yacht tender, where contact with the yacht’s hull sides, especially in choppy conditions, is likely.

Both Rhino Series boats have molded polyethylene semi-V bottoms for a solid rough-water ride. Their inflatable sections (like those of Mercury’s Quicksilver inflatable line) are made of 1100 Decitex PVC fabric with a non-stretch polyester core and reinforced seams. Inside, an oversized tube provides superior buoyancy and enhances stability.

All hardware is stainless steel. A number of Mercury outboard engines from 9.9 horsepower to 25 horsepower are available for the Rhino Rider and Rhino Rib. Fuel capacity is 3.5 gallons.

For more information:

Mercury Marine
W6250 Pioneer Road
PO Box 1939
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1939
(920) 929-5000

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